Three reel is the only way in Australia

Some people love to play as huge a variety of casino games as they possibly can. And, as we all know, there is a huge variety of casino games to play both online and a brick and mortar casinos. Other players only want to play a few and keep their choices limited. There are many people who love poker, roulette, or blackjack but then there are people who will not try anything else besides the 3 reel slot games.

The people who only stick with the three reel slot games have any good reason to do so. These games are very simple, the pay table is easy to remember, and most of the time they may not be as expensive as some of the other games. This can be very attractive to those who are gambling on a budget as well as those who don’t like all of the stress that can sometimes come along with the more expensive games.

Most of the three reel slot games will have less than 10 winning combinations and many of them will only have one line going across the center of the screen. This makes the games fairly easy to figure out but, you should know that some of these games may not payout as frequently as some of the others. Some of them will not offer any bonus rounds either so you should consider yourself lucky when you find one that does.

Just because these games are fairly simple it doesn’t mean that you should not investigate them completely before betting any amount of money on them. There are a lot of games online that can really drain your bankroll if you are not completely and totally sure of what you are doing first.

Kath Bess